Everyone loves a parade

I don’t have much to say about our trip to Disneyland and Diney Studios Paris except to say that the site is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.  Instead of being decked out in pumpkins for Hallowe’en it is decked out in shades of muted metallic silver and metallic blue.

 The parks were crowded and the line-ups long.  I set Sarah and Emily free to enjoy what they wanted to enjoy as had we stayed together, none of us would have had a good time.  All the perks that made these amusement parks fun in previous years such as Fast Pass and a single riders line which allowed the girls to ride the big rides like Space Mountain and Tower of Terror to their hearts content, were not an option this year.  I am not bitter, we enjoyed the mgic while it lasted but the magic has run its course.  This is the last year.

Dragon float from Sleepin Beauty in the parade on Main street
Matt in 3D glasses waiting to ride Ratatouille
Matt and his carousel horse
Chef Remy
Waiting for the girls at Tower of Terror
Matt and Rex
The Epicurean Ego
Why can’t I buy this? Perfect for our pool area.
I have a thing for dragons.
Of all the characters, Donald is still my favourite.
Saving the universe from the evil empire Zurg one alien at a time.
Parade float of Mickey and Minnie
Parade float of Captain Hook and Peter Pan.
Parade float of Crush from Finding Nemo.
Parade float from Frozen

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